Thursday, December 23, 2010

BI Trends - 2010/2011

In general we can see similarities between the struggle of the main BI leading companies like Cognos (IBM) BI and Sap Business Objects and Microstrategy On The future of the BI, to the battle between Apple and Google on the future of computer media and Smart Phones.

My expectation for the next year or two:

  • BI companies will bring new heights of innovation in the struggle between them.
  • Visuality will continue to be a major break through for the BI companies, expect many innovations here.
  • The BI Smart Phone and BI-pad will be introduced as leading products for managers, field personnel, sales managers, etc.
  • Geographic applications (like places / Foursquare) will get inside the BI layer, in the organizations network you will find check-in reports on the goals / objectives / Reports goals.
  • Social networks will get inside the data layer; reports ,data, BI and DWH processes will get outside into the organizations social networks
  • Generally, the BI field starts to follow the main struggle in computer world: Facebook-Google-Apple, - the need to innovate, to lead a technological revolution and to bring the sexiest BI tool is pulling the BI vendors goald forward.
  • Client applications will continue to disappear.
  • BI cloud application will become available for medium sized companies and will include social networking functions and Information On demand capabilities.

  • DWH - more and more processes which are based on complex methodology will become built in applications with GUI.
  • The qualities of the security will be upgraded: Permissions will be given at both the viewing data
         (and not just the level of access to the DB)
  • Bi Apps - BI portals will obtain the look and feel of smart-pones.

Further reading:

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Sunday, December 19, 2010