Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak Peek of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP5

What's new in  BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP5 ?
"Dashboards 4.0 SP05 (formerly Xcelsius) will support iPad only in the first release. Publish your dashboard to the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence platform and then download or run it on your iPad using SAP BusinessObjects Mobile. We may support other tablets in future releases..."
Get a Sneak Peek of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP5: How to Mobilize Your Dashboards

What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP5...

Whats's new in BI4 platform ,SP5 ?
Read here strating from page 81:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Exists or not exists- that is the answer

Using more complex queries that can answer simple question like who bought product A but didn't bought product B? Or in another Case: which customers from the customer’s table don’t have an order in the order table ,is one of the abilities that we would like to give for the users and allow them to use it simply and freely as we can.

In order to do that we can use in some cases the sub query method which is good and solid, but in some cases using the Exist \ not exist would be better.
And why is that?

There are first of all performance differences that makes the exists operator make a better work of evaluating which is the driving table and by doing so , use in some cases the appropriate index ,there is also the ability to work with nulls.
For a better understanding of the differences between Exists and subquery read here:

Using the Island resort we will use the Customer and the Sales tables in order to answer a simple question:

Who are the customers who haven’t paid so far?

  1. first we will build the following predefined condition using this syntax:

SELECT Customer.cust_id
FROM Customer


(select Sales.cust_id from Sale where Customer.cust_id=Sales.cust_id)

  1. We will create a simple query that returns the customers ID’s :

  1. The result will be getting just those customers who don’t have any invoice :

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's New in Mobile BI ?

What's new in SAP BI Mobile ?

According to the following link iphone devices are currently supporting SAP Explorer, still much to come in Feature pack 3 where also Android devices will be supported :

Monday, January 9, 2012

BI4 Feature Pack 3 Planned Features for the BI Platform

What new features awaits in BI4 feature pack 3 ?

Some Highlights :

  • Call from Bex query to a web address,another Bex query (via report linking )
see here for more details :
  • OEM support
  • Use custom user attributes for enhanced security in IDT
  • Bi Launch Pad supports theming
  • SAP Streamwork integration with BI Launch Pad
  • Hot full automated backup of the repository (DB +FRS )
For further reading here Tammy Powlas article :