Tuesday, December 2, 2008

צמצום גודל הדוח

דוחות עשויים להתנפח לגדלים של מאות מגה לעיתים
איך תוכלו לצמצם את הנפח וע"י כך להפחית משמעותית את הזמן שאתם מחכים לביצוע של כל פעולה ופעולה ?
קראו את המאמר המצויין הבא של חברת Infosol

I have a complex document which takes a while to download and is over 400 MB in size, even when the data is purged! How can I reduce the size of this document

BusinessObjects Reporter (5.x/6.x) and Desktop Intelligence (XIR2, XIR3) have a known issue with retaining data from previous queries that have since been modified or deleted, and with retaining variables and formulas that are no longer in use. To reduce the size of existing reports, with the data provider ghosts, the report must be recreated (there is an easy way to do this with minimal work involved). To reduce the size of reports with just variable and formula ghosts, you can simply delete the variables and formulas (but you must first know how to tell which variables and formulas are in use).

Recreating Reports

To recreate a complex report from scratch might take some time. Luckily, Desktop Intelligence (Reporter) provides the ability to save a report as a template. Refer to our techtip titled, “All About Templates” to review how templates are created and reused. Then you can recreate the queries either manually, or with a macro available to the public on the BOB user forum website (http://busobj.forumtopics.com/) for copying the dataproviders and variables.

Once the report data and variables are recreated, apply the templates created from the original report. This can result in reducing the size of a report from over 400 Mbytes to around 50 Mbytes!
To avoid the problem in the creation of future reports, purge the data-providers prior to modifying or deleting them.

Deleting Unused Variables and Formulas

In the Variable Manager interface, all variables and formulas and constants are viewable and a delete button is present. Although they must be deleted one at a time, for each attempt at deletion, a message will appear which effectively tells you whether the variable or formula or constant is currently used in the report. You may want to beware of nested variables, though.

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