Thursday, June 25, 2009

Webi Vs Deski,מה הולך לקרות בגרסאות הבאות ומה המצב נכון לעכשיו ?

מעודכן ל : 28 April 2009
1) What functionality exists in Desktop Intelligence but is not currently planned for Web Intelligence?
Several printer page setup options - Printing first page number, page order, scale, Fit to N pages Templates
VBA Macro's,XML and VBA Data Providers,UDO's (User defined objects)
Stored Procedures, Freehand SQL,Query filter based on calculation,Custom LOV's
2) What functionality has been recently added in Web Intelligence XI 3.1?
Native printing (Rich Client only),Working offline (Rich Client only),Personal data providers (Excel, txt)(Rich Client only),OLAP data provider (via Olap universe),Embedded images,Formula functions: Multicube() (called ForcedMerge() in Webi), NoFilter(), Product()
3) What functionality is planned for Web Intelligence XI 3.2?
Save to my Computer as XML/HTML/RTF Complex filters,Fold/unfold sections,Query on query
Hide section/block/free cell ,Grouping .
4) What functionality exists in Web Intelligence but not in Desktop Intelligence?
Interactive Viewing Over the Web, Track Data Changes,Drill over the WebI,mproved Prompting (i.e. calendar picker),Support for SAP data sources,Format Painter,Autosave and Recovery (in case of server time-out)Merge Dimensions,Alternate Row/Column colours feature

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