Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Xcelsius 2008 SP1 Fixpack 1 יצא לדרך

חבילת התיקון הראשונה ל-Xcelsius יצאה ומכילה בתוכה מספר תיקונים מתבקשים והריהם לפניכם,החשובים מבינהם סומנו באדום:

Tab Set component produces ActionScript Error #1034 and then crashes when user groups Tab Set's canvases in Object Browser. -> resolved

Filter component loses art and is disabled in Preview, when both Radio Button and Play Selector are also on canvas. -> resolved

LiveCycle Data Services connection: Querying for Data Destinations clears spreadsheet bindings for all existing data elements and resets them to null-> resolved

Using QAAWS, Xcelsius report does not show changed data.-> resolved

When a model contains a large number of Live Office connections, Preview produces an Action Script error.-> resolved

Placing an existing group of components into a Container component, and then un-grouping the components renders them unselectable.-> resolved

A SWF file stored on a local machine with a QaaWS connection, will consume a second license when the connection is refreshed.-> resolved

List Box, Label Based Menu, List Builder and Ticker components: In Design Mode, alert icons persist after deleting previously set Alert Values.-> resolved

After session times out, QaaWS connection does NOT pop up BOE login dialog and cannot retrieve data.-> resolved

Components are unable to bind to cells in spreadsheets with an exclamation point in the name of the spreadsheet, for example "Xcelsius!".-> resolved

Alerts: When using the Enable Auto Colors option, in conjunction with enabling alerts using the By Value selection, the color gradient chosen by Xcelsius will vary each time the XLF is opened.-> resolved

After opening an XLF file that uses a Global Font (selected from File>Document Properties) other than the default Verdana font, will selected font will be displayed correctly in Preview mode, but not in Design mode.-> resolved

Performance issues of Flash files produced by Xcelsius 2008.-> various performance improvements (for detail information check Fixed Issues document)

Problem: When retrieving data using QaaWS or Web Service data connections, some selector Labels display "Undefined", "Null" or produce ActionScript error message #1009.-> resolved (for detail information check Fixed Issues document)

Label Based Menu: When component is displayed using Dynamic Visibility, the first Label is missing. -> resolved (for detail information check Fixed Issues document)

Excel 'IF' Function: If the IF function's Logical_test parameter references a blank cell, Xcelsius will calculate the formula incorrectly in Preview mode or at runtime.-> resolved

Map components - Alerts: When the alert threshold values are bound to a range, and the values are dynamically changed, the alerts are not updated.-> resolved

When an MXML component, for example MXML Horizontal Slider sample component provided with the SDK, is added to the canvas, all other components will not update when changes are made to their Properties panel.-> resolved

Selectors - Unable to take square brackets as labels.-> resolved

Label components are editable during runtime, and Labels are selectable using Tab key navigation.-> resolved

Tab Set component: When dragging a component into the Tab Set from the Object Browser, it is possible to place the component inline with the Tab Set's Canvas components, rather than within the Canvas. This causes an ActionScript error.-> resolved

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